Introduction: The Ultimate Movie Theater Jacket

I started out with a black, fuzzy jacket that was lacking comfort. Then I transformed it into a cozy jacket that has a hood and lots of pockets for candy!

For this project, I used:

1. A fuzzy jacket

2. Needle/Pins

3.Thread that matches the color of your coat.

4. Scrap fabric for extra pockets.

5. An old hoodie

6. Scissors

7. Optional: Velcro or Zippers for closing the pockets.


Running stitch

Step 1: Fixing the Original Pockets

My jacket had two pockets on the inside that were not sewn shut.

First, I used pins to hold the fabric closed, then sealed the pocket using the running stitch using the needle and thread.

Step 2: Adding More Pockets

To make more pockets, cut the fabric into the shape you desire. I made rectangular pockets similar to the original. Then, stitch them closed on three sides using the running stitch, leaving the top open. Repeat for as many pockets as you would like.

Some tips:

Use more thread than you think you need. I ran out of thread halfway and had to rethread.

Start stitching from the side that isn't shown. This way, you won't see the leftover pieces of thread in the finished product.

Step 3: Adding a Hood

I had an old hoodie that was used for other crafts. Using scissors, I cut off the hood close to the seams. After this, I pinned the hoodie so I could ensure that the hood was on straight. After I was happy with the results, I used a needle, thread, and the running stitch to sew it together.

Step 4: Final Product


Now you have a trustworthy and comfortable jacket to accompany you to the movies!

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