Introduction: The Ultimate Didgeridoo Guide.

I was really surprised to don't see more stuff about didge-making.
It's easy and cheap, and didgeridoo is an amazing instrument, so why do make your own?

I will learn diferent way to make diferent kind of didj :
_Travel-Didge, it's in PVC, cheap, easy to make it, tunable and compact.
_Slide-didge, in PVC also, you can tune it when you play, really really nice!
_Agave/Pita, with Sandidge method, and digging method.
_How to make a nice mouthpiece.


Step 1: Travel-Didj

Construction of Travel-Didge.

_1 PVC tube 50 cm, diameter 32mm
_1 PVC tube 50 cm, diameter 40mm
_1 PVC tube 50 cm, diameter 50mm
_2 Fitiing 32/32
_2 Fitting 50/50
_1 Fitting 40/40
_1 Adapter 40/30
_1 Adapter 50/40
_a small saw

Then, the Travel-Didge is a didgeridoo which is removable in 6 parts, which is tunable from 6 different ways, and once placed, can measure more than a 60 centimeter.
It is perfect to travel, you canputitin your bag, and it don't fear the Sun or humidity.
And it's sound really nice

So first, we'll cut our first tube of 32mm in 3 parts, a portion of 5 cm, some of 18cm, and part of 20cm. Isolated part of 5cm, it will be for the mouthpiece.
Don't touch the tube of 40mm.
As to the 50mm tube, cut it into 2 parts, a portion of 20 cm and the other 30 cm.
If you have a heat-gun, you can heat the part of 20cm and put in glass-bottle of boiling water, to give this last part has a shape of a bell.
Now, you just have to assemble it all, if some connections are a bit large, put tape on the tube is inserted.
As far as the mouth, you can shape it with beeswax.

_Papier Glass
_White paint Spray

Exactly in this order, you should leave.

Step 2: Slide-Didge

Construction of Slide-Didge.

Material :
_1 PVC tube 70 cm, diameter 32mm.
_1 PVC tube 1m, diameter 40mm.
_2 fitting 40/40.
_1 fitting 32/32.
_neutral silicon.

The Slide-Didge, can be played like normal Didj, but it can also be played like a slide trombone, that's mean, you can change the tune when you play! And that's mean also that you can tune it perfectly to play with somebody else.

So it's really easy to makeit, you have just to put the 1st tube in the 2nd tube, putting oil in the first one, and after silicon to make the junction beetween tubes. Like this, your 1st will not be glued by silicon.
Wait one day foritto dry.
And now you can make the decoration like for the Travel-Didge, anduse fittings to do like grip, like in the photo.

Step 3: Sandidge

The Sandidge it's probably the method the most expend to make a didge.

What is it?
Well it consist to do like a sandwich, you find a good wooden stick, you split it in two part, you dig it and you glue it!!

What you need?
_Wooden stick (1,5m-2,10m), you can use Agave/Pita, this is the better to begining. Easy to split, easy to dig!
_Sand paper.
_White glue.
Eventually Epoxy and scisors wood

How to proceed?
I will explain you for Agave, this is the more simple, but for every kind of wood it'sthe same process.
To split the agave it's really simple, juste take a good and long knife, and cut it in the lengthwise, it's easy because because this wood is very fibrous.
Then, dig with your knife or with scisors wood, to have one half tube in each part, didgeridoo physics is really complex, butyou have to know that the sound is modeled in the first 2/3 ofyour didge, and it is amplificated in the last 1/3. You can dig like cone for exemple, butthe better is to try and find what you want.
After this you can sanding your two half tubes, and put some white glue with water (or Epoxy) inside to do it harder, when it's dry, put an other time, and an other timeifit's necessary.
Finally you can put white glue in each part of your didge, and assemble it. Use rope to clamp it really strongly.

Well it's finsh, you can protect it with olive oil outside, andmake some decoration if you want, but I prefer natural.

Step 4: Digging Method.

This method is only to use with Agave didge, and staight.

So for this one nothing simpler!
you need :
_Agave stick
_Metal Stick (not to fat)

You put the metal stick in the fire, andwhen it's red, take it and put it in your agave stick.
It's will be like if the Agave heart melt with your metal stick, do this at the end, and you have finish your didge!

Step 5: Mouth Piece

What you need?
_hair dryer

Take your beewax, and heat it with the hair dryer, when it's soft make something like alittle sausage, put it in your didge or in your mouthpiece.

The best mouthpiece for didgeridoo have an opening around 32mm, at the begining it's can be seems small, but it's perfect to have good harmonics.
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