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Introduction: The Underwearapult

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I have recently become interested in catapults, guns, trebuchets, etc. Iv'e always been too young and inexpierinced to build one. Hoewever we recently finished remodeling our kitchen so there was lots of extra pieces of wood that no one was using (I hope :p) I mainly built this as a toy for my dog. She always wants me to throw her ball especially in the middle of thenight O.o This takes care of that. It fires the ball pretty far. I'm still trying to drain my dog to use it though. Looks like a couple more late nights for me :p
With that wood I build the greatest thing known to man, a majestic beast, a death machine, an amazing piece……………THE UNDERWEARAPULT!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    The Underwearapult is a catapult consisding of a couple hunks of wood, two bungee cords, spray paint, nails, and um well..Underwear. The underwear is attached to the two bungee cords which are attached to nails at the "release zone" as I call it. That is being held up by three pieces of wood. 

Pros = Fires over 100 feet, Fires anthing that fits into the underwear pocket, can be aimed, fast reload

Cons = Not very movable, not that beutiful 

It best fires tennis balls but in the video you can't see them so i used wiffle balls. I spraypainted three red lines on the wood where you stretch the bungee cords. The first on equals 80 feet, second one 95, third one 100+.

And for the record i wear boxers not tighty whities ;)


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    10 years ago on Introduction

    lol... somebody is gonna miss their underwear.