Introduction: The Unnatural Beatle

We a group of three made this lamp and named it as The Unnatural Beatle ,as part of a weekend assignment given as part of our DD203 - Materials and Design Process course.

Step 1: The First Thought

So how it all started?

So we were given a project to make a lamp having a wow factor in it. After a lot of brainstorming and making lot of feasible designs we were able to cut short on two-three designs. After looking at the feasibility in terms of availability of the materials and time we decided to finalize a concept where we decided to make two cylinders overlapping each other so that the light releases when the completely overlap where as it doesn’t we they don’t.

Materials Required

Looking at the design we decided to keep the base of the cylinders as wood so that it could act as a steady base. And then we decided to take thin bamboo sticks on the sides. We used CFL, wire, its holder, a thick bamboo kept at the center of the cylinder so that the light could spread uniformly through the gaps.

Step 2: Re-visiting the Original Design.

Few Blunders

We did create a few blunders in the beginning like we directly attached the bamboo sticks onto the wooden plate instead of weaving it. We used screws to fix the bamboos into the wooden block which didn’t work as the bamboos were not thick enough. And due to many more difficulties we decided to make a bit of more changes into the design of the lamp.

Step 3: The Final Finish

Final Iteration

Finally after creating a few blunders and realizing the fact that it is getting difficult to make a rotating lamp we decided to make a static one in a hut shape with the top being the weaved bamboos and a bit of artificial grass (fibre). And the bottom as the same cylinder.

The making

So we started by taking bamboo sticks and cutting them into equal sizes using a Hack-saw. Then we took a wooden sheet and carved out a circle acting, as a base (radius 12 cm) .Then we used a thin thread of bamboo to weave the sticks together and then with the help of fevicol/feviquick we stacked the sticks onto the base as well as the top part of the cylinder. Then we made some Beatles on to the top of the lamp kept over the artificial grass.

Step 4: The Product.

So after this many process followed in the previous steps we got a prototype that looked like hut and the light been spreading out uniformly through the gaps between the bamboo sticks.

That’s All Folks…