Introduction: The Velvet Dream Diary(Lucid Dreaming) for Your Valentine

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Everyone wishes to give epic valentine gift, which was never given before. So, today I would like to introduce you to the easiest yet fuzziest idea. If your valentine loves to learn new things then this is going to be the great surprise for him/her. The main idea besides this is to learn lucid dreaming with a methodology. The thing you will need is only specific(this) diary with timekeeper on it. Either way, you can also use diary which is attractive and has great impact on your mind. I also wrote steps to create this specific diary and this is why I made this instructable.

Let me give some information about lucid dreaming.(From Wikipedia straight ahead.)

A lucid dream is a dream during which the dreamer is aware of dreaming. During lucid dreaming, the dreamer may be able to exert some degree of control over the dream characters, narrative, and environment.

The term 'lucid dream' was coined by Dutch author and psychiatrist Frederik van Eeden in his 1913 article A Study of Dreams, though descriptions of dreamers being aware that they are dreaming predate the term.

If your valentine loves new methods of life, then this thing is really going to help her/him.

By this diary as it is having small size and beautiful look, remembering it will not be difficult.

I'm going to give this gift to my valentine with the bulk of things, may be one simple thing could not work as a gift. ;)

So, let's get started...

Step 1: Things and Tools You Will Need

For Diary base:

1.Handmade Silk cardboard paper A1 (bluish white)

2.Any colored Cardboard piece (20cmx10cm)

3.Thread 18x3 cord (or any good thread for binding)



6.Marker or pen

You can also use steel or copper wire for binding. needle( For stitching of pages)

For decoration of diary:

1.Silk cloth piece (24cmx12cm)





6.Mechanical compass

7.Time Keeper(Hand Watch having retro look)

8.Marker or pen

9.Wooden stick for Fevicol adhesion

That's All...

Now let's build base diary...

Keep material for that aside.

Step 2: The Creation of Diary Pages

After collecting material... ...

Take silk paper sheet and mark on width with 8cm(Mark perpendicular to the long portion)

Bend the paper as shown in images with the same width and mark it using marker or pen.

Mark 18cm alongside you made the bend mark.

Cut the sheet using scissors from the every bend mark and collect small pieces of paper.

Make 6 bunch of 5 to 6 paper piece as per pieces you have.

Keep that aside.

Next, we will bind and create diary base.

Step 3: Binding the Diary

Bend paper bunch from the middle.(each side will have 9cm from the middle.)

Use sewing and thread to bind the diary.

Steps for Binding:

For stitching make 2 holes on bend mark of every papers bunch using compass needle, like each hole has the same distance from the middle of the paper vertical as well as horizontal.

Knot the threads one end and put another end in sewing needle.

Sew in from one hole of the paper bunch and pass sew outside from another hole. Do the same and bind the paper bunches as shown in the picture. At the end knot the both side with upper and lower threads for tight binding.(Check picture for understanding it.)

Take Fevicol, wooden stick and adhere colored cardboard with outermost paper of binding and cut excessive cardboard by scissors.

Let the Fevicol dry for some time.

Let's finalize the diary with decoration.

Step 4: Decorating Diary

Take things listed in the picture.

Use cutter to make side edge of diary straight and remove the excessive paper by scissors if found.

Remove chain or belt from one side of the watch using compass needle.

Join chain collected from the one side to the other side.

If you have a belt then remove the belt from both side and joint long belt on the upper side of the watch.( You will need to stick buckle on the back side of the diary and will need to hard bound back for better support.)

Measure the diameter of the back side of the watch by a scale and mark it on the middle of the diary using a compass and pen assembly. Cut the round portion by the cutter as shown in the picture. Also, do the same on silk cloth use scissors instead of the cutter for better cutting.

Stick the velvet cloth on the diary, bend extra portion inside and use Fevicol to stick it as well.

Use a bunch of weight for the better stickiness of velvet cloth.

Put some Fevicol on the back side of the watch and put it in the hole like it can stick to the other page next to the bound.(Let Fevicol dry for some time)

Cut extra paper, so you can access timekeeper (Watch) adjustment nut, and also change cell if needed.(Let Fevicol dry for some time.)

So your Diary is now ready...

Now, steps for lucid dreaming

Step 5: The Lucid Dreaming

Take Diary and pen.

Keep it near your bed and easily accessible.

Before sleeping concentrate on the diary and try to remember every part of it with the timekeeper. Also, count from 100 to 1 and notice your hand and nail before sleeping.

Imagine the diary for 1 minute and see time moving on timekeeper by closing your eyes. Notice every second on the timekeeper till 1 minute.

Now time to sleep and notice reverse timekeeper.

When you will have a dream try to remember as much as you can. There are basically 4 to 5 cycles of dream each night if you dreamed and noticed that. But problem is that you will hardly remember your last cycle of dream and forget all about other dream cycles.

Immediately after waking up write done briefly all things you have remembered about the dream.

This way in 1 to 2 weeks you can notice all dreams and remember it.

Now the time is for lucid dreaming. Try to see your hands, that diary, and timekeeper in your dream. It is hard but possible after 2 to 3 trials.

After that, you can get the ability to control some things in the dream but not all. It will take 5 to 6 months to control the dreams overall.

If you wish to dream about something then watch it, make an illusion of it, imagine it and you will have a dream of it. This way you can also solve your mathematical problem as well as simulate any situation and solve it. But to do this you will need to meditate properly for at least 20 minutes daily.

Good Luck Lucid Dreamers

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