Introduction: The Vile Helmet

This instructable will show you how to make a vile helmet with your own two hands(you better recycle for this). If you're a die-hard Infinity-blade fan, then you probably already know what the Vile Helmet is. For those of you who don't know, the vile helmet is part of "old" Ausar's armor set, and is found in the infinity blade 2 game. When Ausar's memory is wiped by the worker of secrets, he forgets who he is and that he is deathless, and presumably loses his fancy armor. The helmet is later hidden inside the vault of tears, waiting to be found(get the crown map to find it) by Ausar, renamed Siris.

For those of you who are adolescents, please perform the tasks with proper protection(obviously) and adult supervision, as metal can be sharp even with "de-burred" edges, and certain tools need to be handled by adults.

Step 1: Items Needed


3'x1' sheet metal(copper is good, but expensive. Aluminium is cheap but easily bent. Iron is harder than copper but prone to rusting. Regardless of which metal you choose, when choosing your metal be sure to look at its properties before you buy it, and get the type that best suits you)

Golden tape or paint( if you bought paint, be sure that you have masking tape also)

black paint



Metal shears( a laser cutter would give you a serious advantage, but is not necessary)

drill w/ screwdriver heads

measuring tape

metal ruler( you will need both the tape and the ruler)

metal file

Step 2: Back Crown Piece

Measure the circumference of your head, roughly at your eye level. Split the 3'x1' sheet of aluminum into three squares, take one of these squares and cut it so that its width is just over half of that circumference. The piece, when bent, should fit around the back of your head, covering both of your ears.

Fold the piece in half along the width with the metal ruler, and cut out the back of the crown. Each "spike" should be symmetrical, so be sure that the fold is even with the edges. The three spikes should be evenly spaced, and the smaller and larger spikes should be roughly 6'' and 8'' respectively, although this may vary depending on your head shape and size. run the metalfile over the edges in order to get rid of any sharp ends.

Take another strip of metal 1'' longer than the back of the crown and 1'' wide. Fold it in half so that it is 1/2'' wide and fit this end over the bottom part of the crown. This will keep the metal from scratching your neck when worn.

Step 3: Front Crown Piece

Cut out the above piece. The bottom part of the mask should be roughly 5'' wide at the longest point, and should be roughly 8'' tall, although this may vary depending on your face the horns should be taller than the back horns, although this part is mainly up to you. I recommend starting with large horns, then slowly cutting the until their size is good for you.

Cut out the middle part in the shape above.It should be able to fit inside the crown piece, leaving at least 1/2'' between the top and bottom.Use this part to trace another, slightly bigger inside piece.This piece should have a horn that will overlap with the mask. The horn should be, preferably, half the height of the other two front horns, but again, any measurement will work.Tape or solder the piece to the mask.

add two trims lie in the previous step so that the mask doesn't scratch you, and file the edges. the trims should stick out a little for the next step.

Step 4: Attaching the Crown Pieces

Align one side of the front trim with the back trim and drill a hole large enough for a screw.The hole should be just smaller than the screw in order to make the threads dig in. Drill the screw in.

On the other side, create a down-facing slit on the back crown piece, and an upward-facing slit on the front.This will help to interlock the two pieces, so that you can easily take it off.

Step 5: Paint and Add-ons

All that is left to do is make merry with the spray paint and gold tape.For the gold tape, use duct tape strips that are roughly 1/2'' to 1/4'' wide. It also helps to have a picture of the vile helmet. I have not included this because of instructables contest rules.

You are finished with your helmet. the rest of this instructable is only notes( I still recommend reading them)

In some of the pictures, you may have noticed that I have used tape to hold together the assembly. This is because I am using aluminum, which is extremely hard to weld.

The total cost of this project was roughly 15-20 US dollars:

$3.00 for duct tape

$5.00 for spray paint

roughly $10-$12 for metal, depending on your source.

I hope you enjoyed this instructable. Please leave a comment if you need any help or if you have a way to make this more AWESOME. If I get enough support, I might eventually make an instructable for the vile blade, too.

Also, if you liked this instructable, I would appreciate if you voted for it in the metal contest, and checked out the other awesome creations entered into the contest( there is a large variety, so you better look at other people's instructables too).

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