Introduction: The Vinyl Shelf

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Hello there!
Got some old vinyls around?

Don't have any spare shelves to put them on?

Then make a shelf with them! :D

In this instructable i will show you how to make a very simple, and quick, vinyl shelf.
It was all made with some recicled things found around, so feel free to use anything that works for you.

(I use this site for a few years, but this is my very first instructable. Also, i'm a HandsomeDude from Brazil. So if there is a few mistakes with my englysh, i ask for your pardon in advance.)

(The "englysh" thing was on purpose.. Hehe)

Step 1: Select and Cut the Records

By every rock god there is out there, choose carefully.
My friend made something very similar with some good LED ZEPPELIN records. Curiously, that same friend lost his fingertips a few days later, when a masked stranger came into his house yelling something about put him Swinging on a Gallows Pole..
(Actually, that didn't really happen. It was just me cursing him with some bad words and dropping some tears. But don't do it to good records anyway. It will give you a bad karma. And Karma Police officers are always watching..)

Ok, so cutting..
I used a candle to heat up a knife and slowly cut through the center of the disk.
You can also use a saw to cut it, but the vinyl disks are very brittle, and will break very easily.
So be careful.

How many?
I used 5. But it's up to you to decide how bigger it will be.

Step 2: Song 2: Choosing the Reinforcements

This was the point that i decided to start making the Instructable, so i had already glued some of the disks into the metal support. I don't have any pictures of it alone.
I used the remains of a dead printer that i ripped apart to take a few useful things from the inside. But you can use any metal plate. Just Beat It.. I mean, fold it, and make a few holes so you can screw it on the wall.

Step 3: Stack Them, Melt Them, GLUE THEM!

The tittle says pretty much everything.
Put one on top of the next one, and in the middle, some hot glue.
Do this until you find that it's pretty enough.
I used that black kind of hot glue, that is very well know around here as "That black kind of hot glue".
And again, the mighty and useful candle, to melt the glue down.

As a few of you may notice, there is a gallon of Heavy Fuel back there. But, well, what can i say?
I'm always Livin' on the Edge.

(Actually, if i keep being this dumb, i will live a short dangerously life. I just saw that after i took the pictures. Please, don't burn down your surroundings..)

Step 4: Cover the Metal Parts.

This could be a tittle only Instructable.
Well, cover the metal parts with more vinyl.
In my case, i used only 3 more halves.

(Note that the middle one have a broken side. Brittle. Very brittle. But you know, in Times Like These, it's wise to use up everything you can.)

Step 5: Another Disk in the Wall

Find a nice place, drill the holes, and as some say around here:
"Fechou! Ala, coisa bonita! :D"

I made it to hold a few pens and stuff like that.
It will look better in a darker wall, but it's working out just fine there.

Abraços do Brasil! :)

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