Introduction: The Voodoo Merchant

This Instructable will show you how to make an simple yet impressive DIY halloween costume.


Materials + Supplies:

For the hat:

  • Old top hat
  • Kitchen twine (String used for cooking)
  • Fake blood
  • Super glue
  • wrist watch found in a dollar store

For the makeup:

  • Halloween make up, preferably black and white
  • Concealer

Step 1: Step I : Making the Hat

The hat is a bonus yet it adds depth and character to your costume.

The first thing you have to decide is what is your characters story. In this case the voodo merchant wears old dark clothes. You can add some string around your hat to age it.

Small cuts can be made and then glued back together to make it more ancient or rustic.

If you have pieces of leather or cloth you may stick it around the the hat with super glue. Placing it in the front and back so others are able to see it.

Add small drops of fake blood to make a merge of diffrent colours.

When you hat is as your like, you may now start your passage into a new mysterious character....

Someone who lurks the streets waiting for a customer to sell his magic and secrets.....

Step 2: Step II : the Makeup

The easiest way to start applying your make up is starting with your eyes and around them:

Apply black makeup to your eyes and slightly around them.

(The pictures allow a reference for the design you wish)

Now that your eyes are free you may apply make up to the nose and delicatly start applying on the cheekbones.

Take some white makeup and start forming the teeth.

Delicately apply black makeup around the teeth and on your lips.

Delicatly use concealer to reveal the makeup and shape the face you want.

Step 3: Step III : the Clothes

The clothes you can pick out could be anything, from a tuxedo to a unicorn onesie. The outfit you choose defines your character.

Once you've finished, you're free to go trick or treating or party as people admire your costume !!!!!!

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