"The WARRIORS" Vest (no Sewing)




Introduction: "The WARRIORS" Vest (no Sewing)

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Made my Son a Warrior Vest from the movie "The Warriors"

Step 1: Vest Template

As my Template I used my son Vest and Started Tracing, cutting and hot glue gun .

Step 2: The Lace

Used a black Lace and glued around the edges with a hot glue gun and add 4 bottons

Step 3: Warriors Skull Wings

Did a Sketch of the warriors skull vest and added to a fabric then cut each peace and started painting with fabric paint.

Step 4: Done!

Just glue the Patch with Hot glue Gun and this is the way it looks. ( No Sewing )

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    7 months ago on Step 1

    what type of sheet material did you use if you dont mind me asking?


    Reply 7 months ago

    nm figured it out. took me about 3 days to make and $32.00 in materials. thnx for showing how you made it. i followed steps and built away.