Introduction: The Waking Dead Zombie!

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I made this Walking Dead Inspired Zombie with my kids for Halloween. It is a really simple project and cheap to make.

I used materials I had left over from other projects and the only item I bought was a dollar store mask for the head.

I made a video of the process for my YouTube channel Please watch and subscribe!

Items you will need:



Drill ,

Some screws appropriate for materials you use,

Hatchet (optional,but lots of fun to use),

A zombie type mask,

Plywood (weather proof would be best),

The sleeves from an old shirt or jumper,

6 Small pieces of wood to use as stakes,

Assorted spray paints and primer (any colors you like),

Masking tape,

1 sheet of contact for making stencils,

Pieces of cardboard for use with spray paint.

Step 1: Cut Out Arms Head and Headstone Shapes From Plywood

  • Use your pencil to trace around your arms and draw a head shape onto the plywood
  • Carefully cut out the pieces (don't cut your fingers off)
  • On one arm I drew bones and cut the wood away around and between them so it will look like the flesh fell off.
  • Cut out a headstone shape from your plywood and round over the corners,I used a roll of tape to draw a curve to follow.
  • I then sanded all the edges to get rid of splinters.

Step 2: Make Stakes for the Backs of Each Piece

  • Use a piece of scrap wood to make six stakes for the back of the plywood pieces you have cut out.
  • I made 2 for the head,2 for the headstone and one for each arm.
  • Use a sharp hatchet to fashion some nice points onto your stakes.
  • Drill some pilot holes through your stakes and attach the stakes with screws to the back side of the plywood pieces.

Step 3: Prime & Spray Paint

  • I spray primed the front surface of the pieces.
  • Allow the primer to dry
  • I then started using different color sprays to add some realism to the pieces
  • I used black white and red sprays in layers on the arms and hands to make it look like bloody rotten flesh and bones.
  • I used white spray all over the headstone then black and green around the edges using a piece of cardboard to stop the spray from covering the middle of the headstone.
  • The green and black the edges give a moss and mildew like finish to the headstone

Step 4:

  • I printed out a bio hazard warning size and used it to cut a stencil from contact(roll of sticky backed plastic film)
  • I drew out an RIP sign and also made a stencil with contact.
  • I then stuck the RIP and Biohazard contact stencils onto the headstone and used black spray paint on the RIP stencil & red on the Biohazard sign.
  • Wait for the spray to dry and remove the stencils.

Step 5: Make the Head and Bloody Sleeves for the Arms

  • I used a dollar store zombie mask stuffed with some grease proof paper as the head.
  • Stretch the mask around the plywood head and then use a staple gun to hold it tightly in position.
  • I cut 2 sleeves from an old shirt then slashed holes in them for an old worn look.
  • Spray red paint on for a nice bloody look.
  • Put the sleeves over the arms and staple in place,make sure the cut a hole in the sleeve to expose the bones.

Step 6: Put Your Zombie on Display!

  • Use your stakes to plant the pieces in your garden making it look as the zombie is emerging from a grave!

I really enjoyed doing this project with my family it was a lot of fun!!

I made a video of the build for my YouTube channel BCDesign. Please watch, subscribe and comment I hope you enjoy the video!!

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