Introduction: The Walking Dead Spoof: How to Make Your Own Zombie Movie

THe walking dead is on of my favorite show, so i did the only logical thing to do when you love something.. make fun of it. here is how you can do the same in a few easy steps

Here's what you'll need to make your own spoof

1. Research

2. Zombies

3. Survivors

4. Props

5. the filming

6. Check out this video to get your ideas

Step 1: Research

in order to make a spoof you have to know the original plot really well. Find the zombie movie you want to spoof an watch it. Don't just observe the story, but observe the camera angles, the feel and the effects. You might not be able have great effects but you could try to tackle some of them.
For my video i chose the walking dead as my Muse.

Step 2: Zombies

How to get started

Now to have a zombie movie you definitely need Zombies. Don't worry you don't have to make your own you're are going to be using actors. Send out a invitation or an event on facebook or craigslist. most people would be happy to be in a zombie flick, and don't worry you can pay most actors with pizza and soda.


you can use a lot of stuff to make people look dead. We used

1.clown makeup (small amounts)

2.Fake blood

3. and Liquid latex for scars

Step 3: Survivors

Picking the survivor

think about the group of survivors that you will have. who is going to be the hero? who is going to bee the guy who dies? Who is going to get bitten? Then pick your cast accordingly. Also make sure your main cast is available on the day you are filming.

have them memorize

Once you have them picked meet with them before filming, give them their scripts and explain what their character is like.

Step 4: Props and Setting

This is the most painful part of filming, is to create a fake environment in which your characters exist outside the outside world so you need certain things to make what i happening them believable for a zombie film this can be hard. To make a zombie film you need to portray certain elements like

1. Isolation from the rest of humanity

2. Zombies eating people

3. Humans Killing zombies

4. a sense of fear

Without these people won't think the zombie film is realistic

Step 5: The Filming

here is the story making process for making a film

1. Create an idea

2. write a script

3. Edit

4. Edit again

5. Show it to other people and get notes

6. Cast your characters!!

7. Block the scenes( plan out everything you're going to see on camera before film day things like" Location, camera angles, and effects you might use" )

8. buy all the supplies

9. Film the scenes

10. Edit( longest part)

11. Publish

Step 6: Check Out This Video for Ideas

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