Introduction: The Window Cabinet

The dimension: Width 45.5 x Length 120 x Height 130 centimeters.

Hello, In this project, I will make the cabinet that make from the old window panels. The idea is to make the cabinet fit around the old window panels and use it for the cabinet doors. The cabinet had no frame, I use 4 plywood panels and the back panel and use the basic wood joint (half lap joint) and painted orange with light green cabinet doors. It can be use in any rooms and it can be a decoration piece as well. Let’s begin.

Supplies that you need to do The Window Panels Cabinet’s project.

1. Old window panels, Plywood 12 mm., Plywood 10 mm., and Wood strips.

2. Old handle, Shelf pegs, and Hinges .

3. Wood glue, Nail gun, masking tape, and paper.

4. Spray paints: Orange, White, and Acrylic color: white and green (Any colors that you want).

Step 1: Cut the Plywood.

Prepare to cut the plywood thickness 12 mm. size 45.5 x 120 centimeters 2 pieces and size 45.5 x 130 centimeters 2 pieces for the back panel cut to about size 80 x 95 centimeters. The shelf size is 40 x76 centimeters 2 pieces. Then cut the strip of wood 3 centimeters width and 5 mm, for thickness. Now I make the cut half way, just like the half lap joint, in order to insert all 4 pieces into the box. (Note: all cut dimension need to do be match with the dimension of the window panels). Now I assembly all the pieces in to slot by using the wood glue and attach the back pieces and use nail gun. Then I glue the strip piece to the front of the cabinet and use the nail gun. Now I finished my cabinet case.

Step 2: Spray Paint White and Orange.

Next I apply the lacquer to all sides, so that when I paint the paint will not soak into the plywood as much. Then I spray white color as a primer inside and outside. Now I fill in all the small holes with gypsum and sand it smooth. Next spray white paint again, also spray paint the shelf as well. Now I put the masking tape and the paper to cover the opening for the cabinet doors, and I mix the orange color to spray the cabinet. I sprayed 2-3 times. Next I wash window panels and use acrylic color green and white, I painted white for the rectangle and dark green for the inside and outside areas of the panels.

Step 3: Attach the Hardwares.

Then I drill holes inside the cabinet on the side panels, for the shelf pegs. Next I attach the hinged for the cabinet doors and drill to attach the handles in the middle of the cabinet door. Then I place the shelf inside the cabinet. The cabinet can be use in any rooms, it works and looks cool.


Special Thanks to: Mr. Sakorn

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