Introduction: The Winged Spear

This spear will exist in a future game

P.S I didn't create this photo props to the original creator. The orginal post:

Step 1: Attaching an Canvases

First, go ahead and find the image used. open this link in a new tab and save it as a png. After saving the file head over Fusion 360 and open a new project. Attach the picture as a canvas on the YZ plane by clicking Insert, attach canvas, then clicking on the YZ plane.

Step 2: Creating a Sketch

Using the canvas make sure that it is visible you can check by checking the browser if the canvases light bulb is on and the canvas image. Once the canvas is a visible click, sketch then, create a sketch. Start making an outline of the spear on the image, use the line and the spline tool or 3 point arch to create the sketch, you may also use other tools in the sketch if you wish. If you wish you can also make the parts different sketches, or add new parts if you wish, similar to me.

Step 3: Creating the 3d Model

Once finished do the sketch, click create than extrude click on the selectable sketch, you may make each different measurements or one. You may extrude the sketch to desire measurements or, following along with me extrude the sketch 5 mm.

Step 4: Adding Some Final Toches

Once done extruding start adding some Fillets and chambers to the edges of the model. mostly on the handle and the blade, you can also put some on any other creations done, make the fillets and/or chamber to your desired length depending on the area.

Step 5: Thanks for Reading

Thanks for reading this instructable, if you want some more tips you may ask, you can also tell me some tips for creating another instructable!

P.S I didn't create the image thanks to the original maker of the photo.