Introduction: The World's Best Biker Bars, Rallies & Road Trips

$25,000 will be used to film Pilot Episode & launch iphone/smartphone app.

Vision Statement

BBRRT is a show for Bikers, by Bikers. We Bring you the best the Biker World has to offer, and uncover hidden gems every Biker should know about.

Today there are too many television shows that depict the seedy underside of the Biker Community; Turf wars, illegal activity, racisim and over-sensationalized misbehavior.

BBRRT strives to show the other side of the Biker World; The world of brotherhood and sisterhood; The world of travel; and, The world of experiencing life to the fullest, that can only be achieved on two-wheels.


Two long time bikers, fed up with the trappings of the mainstream world, set off on a worldwide trek to truly experience the biker lifestyle. In this series, our protagonists will ride their motorcycles throughout the world to explore and discover “biker friendly” establishments and events. The individuals cast in this series are regular bikers, not celebrities, bike builders or promoters. These two bikers have been living the lifestyle for decades. They ride hard and play harder.

Each episode will feature our bikers riding from one location to another, discovering scenic routes and exploring “biker friendly” destinations. Locations are unlimited and we plan to begin our series will with tours of Canada, Mexico, the United States and the Caribbean. On their journey, our bikers will meet and interview interesting people, and provide viewers with the best the biker world has to offer. Other features of our show include:

 Different music each episode, featuring a relatively unknown or regional band;
 At least one (1) bar, one (1) rally & one (1) road trip per episode;
 Product review(s);
 Motorcycle review(s);
 Motorcycle history;
 Motorcycle etiquette;
 Biker Tip of the Week

Our bikers plan to be on the road for over 8-months and travel over 18,000-miles in one season. Riding day and night, through fair and inclimate weather, battling hangovers, poor road conditions and careless drivers, our bikers will be pushed to their limits.

IOS Application

• Application developed for both iPhone and iPad platforms;
• Application expanded to support Android systems.

Provides features for:
• Location based identification with search functions for:  
- Restaurants;
- Accommodations;
- Events;
- Special Attractions.

Events calendar for area based on distances in 10 mile increments
User ratings for:
• Restaurants;
• Accommodations;
• Attractions.

Best trails/routes to travel arranged between current location and destination with preferences for:
• Road types (straights, scenic, etc.);
• Food preferences along route;
• Attractions.

Social media components (i.e.; facebook, youtube & twitter).

Web Site

• Aggregates data from application users for web site content;
• Provides all the functionality of the application except functions that are current location specific – this can be offset by having them identify current location on map GUI;
• Extends brand and content by allowing for cross linking to specific advertisers via banner ads, sponsorships and special promotions;
• Single content management tool allows for minimal support and site management with maximum impact.
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