Introduction: The X+ Bot

X+ Bot is a conceptual robot which is responsible for informing people about the Reality!

In the science, the "X" is always a variable that should be found to solve a problem. It is amazing that the real life is full of these Xs! One of the most complex, is the HUMAN. The X+ Bot, beautifully shows us that at the first glance, we always see the external appearances of a person which are more attractive for us. Although the internal parts (like the personality) are invisible, however, they could be more valuable and interesting.

Blue and Red are nice colors either individually or near each other. However, they create the Violet as they mixed together and Violet is the Queen of colors, which means the highest level of the beauty, attraction, calmness,...

X+ is all about the judgment!!

Step 1: Cut the Outer Space of the Square

Step 2: To Have More Flexibility on the Lines, Fold the Paper Through the Diagonals

Step 3: Fold the Smallest Triangle at the Top As Well

Step 4: Open the Paper Again (now You Have Flexible Folded Lines)

Step 5: Now Fold the Lines According to the Instructions (Mountains / Hills)

Step 6: Your X+ Bot Is Ready!

  • Look at your X+ Bot from different perspectives and horizons
  • Think about it's concept more deeply
  • Enjoy and Smile please :)