Introduction: The X-swing

In this instructable I'll show you how to make one step by step...

Step 1: Materials

For my project at school " The X-swing", you need some materials like:

Rope (use one of 8mm thick and 20 m long)

A small rope

Drill + drill bit that is slightly larger than the rope's width

Wood (multiplex 9mm)

Brush stick

8-form (regulate the length of the rope)

2 sticks (10 cm long - random diameter)

A machine park

And of course you also need a tree.

Step 2: Saw Your Pieces

Take your wood (Multiplex) and cut it down with a length of 62 * 10 cm

(hint: use a circural saw)

To finish you can round off the edges

Step 3: Comfortable Seat

To sit comfortable you can make 4 pieces from a rectangle with a chamfer on 1 side ( longest side shortest side 26.5 - 15 cm)

then you take your wood glue and comfirm them together. (see picture).

wait 24 hours...

Step 4: Confirmation Plank

When you're done with drilling, the next step is confirmation.

Take a wooden bar and go to the wood lathe and rotate it to a selected diameter.

(hint: take a brush stick and use the metal lathe)

When you did that, glue your piece in the enter hole.

For the finishing off you can make a circle of plastic with the same diameter.

Step 5: First Reinforcement

To make my swing stronger, I placed 3 strengthening ribs with e lenght of 45 * 0,9 * 2 cm

Drill a hole on: 5 cm, 22,5 cm and 40 cm ( in all 3)

(If you want you can round the corner)

Then i glued them and fixed them with screws.

wait 24 hours...

Step 6: Take Away

for carrying my rope, I placed 2 sticks now it's possible to wind my rope and carry my swing around with ease

Step 7: Second Reinforcement

For extra strenght:

Glue 2 reinforcement pièces with a dimension (see picture) and screw them tight with screws.

Wait 24 hours...

Step 8: My End Result

After a drop of paint, this is my own (take away) swing...