Introduction: The X288 SERPENT

My grenade launcher. Launches the X4.

Step 1: The Top of the Barrel

The top part of the Barrel.

Step 2: The Bottom of the Barrel

The bottom part of the Barrel

Step 3: The Ram

The big ram.

Step 4: The Side Plates

Make two of each, and attach to both sides as shown.

Step 5: The Pseudo-Magazine/Club

This a false Magazine that is best used as a club.

Step 6: The Small Frontal Bit

A tiny piece.

Step 7: The Demented Frontal Shell

The front part.

Step 8: The Handle

The part to which one holds on.

Step 9: The Front Side Plates

These will connect steps 7 and 8.

Step 10: The Bottom Brick

This piece sits at the bottom.

Step 11: The Hinge-y Trigger

These hinge-y parts will become the trigger.

Step 12: The Top Brick

The top part.

Step 13: The Other Plates

Plates that protect the trigger.

Step 14: The Back Brick

This part sits at the back

Step 15: The Pull-Down-Er

This activates the weapon.

Step 16: The Stock

Your shoulder rests here.

Step 17: The Handle and Connection

Your hand rests there. Also, connect.

Step 18: How to Use

To Load, Pull back the Giant Ram and pull up. It should snap into place, If not, try again. Also, don't overload on rubber bands... If you do, the grenade will explode upon firing.

Step 19: Regular Fire Adapter

If you want to fire regular rods, make this and place it in picture 2 when needed. When not needed, place in picture 3.

And then... you are done.