The Zinger Airplane

Introduction: The Zinger Airplane

hello there and welcome to this episode of how to make paper airplanes, in this one I will show you how to make the fastest(maybe) airplane out of paper, so if your interested follow me...

Step 1: Getting the Stuff...

all you really need is one peace of paper(duh) and maybe a ruler if you want to make nice sharp folds.

Step 2: Starting the Folds...

now that you have your paper turn side ways as shown and fold in half,then open it up again..

Step 3: Making the Body...

now the top two corners fold them down to the center line as shown,then do the same thing again making it like a stream line shape.

Step 4: Making the Nose...

now the top point fold that down as shown to about(doesn't need to be exact)2 inches down from the butt, then fold it back up so theres about an inch of paper still folded down(look at the pic)

Step 5: Mking the Wings

now fold the hole thing back in have as shown,then fold down the wing(doesn't matter how far just make both of them identical)

Step 6: Tuning It Up and Finishing

now test it to see how it flys and if it flys OK then your done! but if it doesn't then follow the rest of this step. so you tested it and it sucks then fold up the sides of the wing as shown and then it should fly like a charm,but if it doesn't then you can fold up the back point to make them flaps then your done!!,and if that still doesn't work tell me and ill see if I can find a cure all righty?

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