Introduction: The ZipDock

My friend asked me to make him an ipod dock/charger, and this is what happened. I think that it turned out pretty well, despite being made from parts that were found laying around the house.

Step 1: Get Your Stuff Together...

First of all, go around the house scrounging old electronics and stuff. You'll also need to "modify" a ziplock, so use one that you don't need.

Stuff -
2 small speakers
A cable to connect them to the iPod
Square ziploc (pictured)
An iPod to try it out on

Tools -
If you make your own cables - wire strippers, electric tape
Suggested - A hole-cutter attatchment for a drill (this is just to make things easier; a sharpie would work too).

Step 2: Cut Speaker Holes

Use a dremel to cut a hole to fit your speakers. To mark out mine, i used a hole cutter the same size as the cone on the back of my speaker (see other photo).

Step 3: Attach Speakers

I used little screws, but most anything would work. If you use hot glue, be careful not to get any in the speaker. Again, do the same on the other side.

Step 4: Almost Done

Put an ipod in, and mark out where the click wheel and headphone jack are with a sharpie. Also put a dot about 1cm down from each corner of the ipod, and about 1mm away from it (where the elastics are). Take it out, and cut out holes for the clickwheel and headphone jack with a dremel. Also cut a hole for the headphone jack to get out of the ziploc (second picture). Don't worry about the elastic bands for now.

Step 5: Holding the Ipod

To keep the ipod in place, cut two slits going across the dots you drew in the previous step. Push elastics halfway through them, and slide the iPod into them. Then, pull the elastics up and over (or under) the entire setup. If anyone has a better idea of how to hold the iPod in place, please post it on the comment board.

Step 6: Finished!

To use it, simply plug the headphone jack into the iPod and flip it over (second picture). When you aren't using it, it all folds up into the ziploc!