Introduction: The Zombie Pin Cushion

So your a fashion forward necromancer, or a seamstress with a penchant for raising the undead, or maybe your just looking for a gift for that special horror buff.  Well, whatever the case may be, this is a fun project that's sure to please.

After all, who says a zombie can be useful and productive member of a civilized society? They're heads make great pin cushions after all.

This started out as a doodle I had a few days ago in a meeting.  I don't sew very well but I thought the idea looked too good on paper not to bring it to life... er... unlife?

Step 1: What You'll Need

Here's a list of the thing you'll need for this project:

1.  Access to 3D Printer or #D printing service
2. Pink Felt
3. Red Felt
4.  Needle and thread
5. Spray paint
6. Fine Tipped White and black Paint markers
7. Hot glue gun.
8.  Scissors
9.  Colored fabric or permanent markers
10. Pins
11. Working knowledge of how to raise the undead (Optional)

Step 2: Melt Some Plastic

The first step is to print off, 1 each Pin Cushion Base and 1 each Brain Cutting Guide.

You can find both .stl files here on thingiverse along with the print settings I used.

Step 3: Next Lets Start in on the BRAIN!!!

The first step to making the brain is to trace out the cutting pattern using the Brain Cutting Guide.  Do this like in the picture tracing around both the inside and outside, with a colored pencil.  You may have to trace a couple times to see your mark well.  Do this four times, as shown in the pictures.

Step 4: You May Need a Fellow Named Edaward for This Part.

The next step is to cut out your patterned pieces.  To do this just cut out your felt along the outside perimeter.

Step 5: Ever Wanted to Be a Brain Surgeon?

The next part is to sew the brain together.   To do this follow the following:

1.  Start with two pieces of your cut out felt, and sew one edge.
2. When you reach the end of one side add a third piece to your assembly and sew along the edge of the new piece.
3.  Repeat this until you have attached all four pieces, being sure to leave about a 1-1/2" opening on the last edge.  This is to add stuffing.
4.  Invert the brain so that your stitching is on the inside.
5.  Stuff the brain with stuffing, shredded cloth, or what ever you think would make good zombie brains.
6.  Sew up the gap to hold it all in.

Step 6: Hmm... Its More Wrinkly Than I Would Have Thought...

Next lets add some texture to the brain.  Using colored fabric or permanent markers add some nice wrinkles to that zombie brain.

Step 7: Your Looking a Bit Green...

The next steps what ever you think looks nice:

1.  Paint the Pin Cushion Base green with spray paint, and fleck with a lighter green for texture.
2.  Using fine tipped paint markers paint the left eye and teeth white, and the right eye and nostrils black.
3.  Add a bit of red felt for a tongue. 
4.  Hot glue the tongue and brain into there new homes.
5.  Add a few pins for good measure.


So there you go now you have the perfect undead gift for that special someone.  Hopefully they'll like it,.  At the very least they'll always have someone to pick they're brain.

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