The Amazing Light Cub With Usb Swiches

Introduction: The Amazing Light Cub With Usb Swiches

As part for my final project during the first grade of architecture,I design the last cube of 8, which form the great cubotron, a way to bring the living room of your homeanywhere

Between the cubes that form the cubotron we find: a hub for cerbeza fridge, a TV cube retro-Spanish style, a chain of music cube 4 cube benches and stools, and the cube of light and energy, the heart of this tutorial .

Our buckets are echos Bascio with cardboard, but 3 sides of the cube of light and energy are made of cloth, to illuminate.
to get light reacting with the user in the buckets, tube to develop a usb switches, which work by charging cable plug any usb or device and that's what I intend to explain here.

First I needed a way to integrate a charger multiusb in the bucket into the bucket had a battery of 12 volts, so I could feed the light, the USB charguer, the arduino and the TV cube.

I use the Arduino, a switch and a servo to operate the trap door to appear usb, as seen in the video.

and now comes what seemed complicated, but easily solved,

The easiest thing to make a switch using a USB hardware is to divide the external usb female body into two separate halves, so that when you insert the usb male body, joints the two halves toguether. a wire in each half of the female creates a switch quite functional, You Can Carefully cut it using dremel.

In the video you can see, the door and the ligh sides working with the usb swiches (

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