Introduction: The Amazing Paper Hearing Destroyer!!!!

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This little thing is soooooo simple to make but can land you a lunch detention really fast! It makes a high pitched scream that will kill anyones hearing for at least a minute or two depending on how close you are. All you need is a scrap piece of paper.

DISCLAMER!!!!!!! If you or one of your buddies looses their hearing from this thing, I ain't the one you should point fingers at.

Step 1: Tear Off a Piece of Paper

The title says it all, tear off a rectangle of paper, any piece of paper.

Step 2: CREATE CHAOS!!!!!

Now hold the piece of paper in your hands and pull it tight, put the clean edge (not the torn edge) close to your lips and blow. After a while you should hear a high pitched annoying death scream, that means its working!!!