Introduction: The Art of Becoming a Ninja

I have been researching the art of the Ninja for many years and I now can tell you that this is not as simple as you may think. Becoming a Ninja requires skill, skill you may not have. I will teach the skilled how to use that skill that I mentioned earlier, to become a Ninja.

Step 1: Only Step in the Right Direction

Here we are, the first of many sentences in this "how-to" on becoming like the most gifted beings on earth, the ninja. First i will tell you how to walk like a ninja. You are going to be doing a ton of sneaking around while you are a ninja so I can tell you how to do it undetected. COG (Center Of Gravity)

1.Always step with the front of your foot first keeping about 2-4 centimeters between the ground and your heel, only letting your heel touch the ground when your other foot comes up from the floor.

2.Step lightly and then put all of your weigh on the part of your foot that is touching the ground so that when your other foot comes up it will not throw off your balance.

3.Try to keep your COG as low as possible. This will allow you to maneuver nicely. Also it is imperative that you never stop walking with one foot in the air, you need to have two feet solidly planted before you park it.

ATTENTION!!! If you start to lose your balance, then simply lower your COG until you are actually touching the floor with your hands or even sitting.

Step 2: The Sneaking

Now that you know how to walk silently you need to know how to sneak around silently (while that's kind of the point right?). It is not really necessary that you wear basket ball shorts to walk quietly but they help. To stay undetected use your periferal vision. Don't be like those stupid TV ninjas with there eyes all squinted but rather, a real ninja has his eyes wide open. look at everything, all at once. Just make sure that you have obsticals you can get behind, and if you don't just go slower than you would normally.

Step 3: The Final Sneaky Stuff

This is the final step in this segment of Ninja. Remember this, use sound to your advantage. It can be a friend or an enemy. When your walking, wait for some sound before you take a step, if there is no sound try not to make one. While using your side vision, if you see a person then hide by speed sneaking to the nearest obstical. Ninjas are your friend, if you feed them twice a day. Now print out the picture of the foot and cut it out. Glue it to a piece of card stock then wright on the back of it the rules in step one. Now put it in your pocket and then look at it when you get stuck.