Introduction: The Best Speaker/cup Ever!

Small speaker made from scratch that you can drink from!

Items we used
-28 gauge speaker wire
-Red solo cup (2)
-Electrical tape
-Neodymium magnet (2)
-Audio jack
-Water to drink from your new speaker

Step 1: Forming the Wire Housing

-Take your magnet and wrap a piece if manilla folder around it to make a cylinder open on each side and tape into place. (the magnet must be able to freely slide in the cylinder, not actually attached)

Step 2: Set Up the Inside

-Wrap your wire around the housing you just made. (leave the two ends about 2 inches loose to connect to)
-Glue that coil housing to the center of the bottom on your first solo cup.
-Take your second solo cup and glue the 2 magnets(connected) to the middle inside.
-Puncture the bottom side of the second solo cup(has magnets glued to it) so that you can slide a wire through it.
-The top cup needs to have tape under the ring to keep it at the right distance from the magnet. this might need to be played with to find the loudest sound.

Step 3: Wiring the Device

-Strip the ends of your audio jack.
-Feed the audio jack wire-ends through the hole you made.
-Connect the audio jack ground to an end of your coil, connect one of the other audio jack wires to the other end of your coil.
-Pull the first cup into the second, placing the coil over the magnets
-Plug in the audio jack to your music player and listen while you drink!

Step 4: The Science Behind It All

-The main part to a speaker is the coil and the magnets that moves within it.
-When the electrical signal is sent from your music player through the audio jack into the coil it creates an electric field around it.
-This field attracts and repels with the magnet inside.
-This recreates the sound that travels through the wire in electrical pulses.
-This speaker uses a solo cup as the diaphragm to resonate the sound waves louder to the listener without an actual amplifier.
-This solo cup idea also doubles as a party goers best friend because it is your music and you cup for the night.

Step 5: Possible Struggles

-First make sure your wire is not coated. We put everything together and thought it was wrong because our wiring was not making contact. Take a knife and strip the wire of all coating (you may not see it) wherever connections are made.

-Make sure wires that shouldn't touch, dont. Once it's all taped together things tend to touch and it won't work if they do. This set us back originally. Also don't trust that a clear coating will insulate it because it might come off after its done and you'll have to go back in to fix it as we did.