Introduction: The Best Way to Cook a Corn Dog

When I was growing up my mom cooked us corn dogs for lunch.  She cooked the dogs in the microwave.  This was just fine because I did not know any other way of cooking it.  When I grew up a corn dog was cooked for me in the oven.  What a difference.  The oven gets the out side batter crispy.  Now I had a problem.  From then on when I wanted a corn dog I wanted it to be crispy but I did not want to have to wait the 15 minutes that the oven requires.  There had to be a better way.  Well hear it is.

Step 1: Chose the Best Corn Dog

There are many different types of corn dogs.  Some of them have different sizes and shapes. Some may be made form different ingredients.  These different types will require some tweaking to the cooking times.  I normally use the normal dogs but for this ...ible I used a jumbo dog because that is what we had in the freezer.

Step 2: Microwave

First use the microwave to do most of the cooking.  When you cook a corn dog in the microwave, the outer shell can split.  This can be avoided by cooking it at a lower power level for about a minute and a half.  Cook the dog just before the outer shell splits.  (You will have to play with this step and find the best time and settings to get the corn dog hot but not split.)

Step 3: To Crisp the Dog

Now that the corn dog is unthawed and warm, it's time to get the outside crispy.  At first I tried to use a gas stove and hold the dog above the open flames.  This worked well but great care had to be taken so that your fingers do not get burned. 

Later I moved and my new kitchen did not have a gas stove and the electric stove did not work as well. 

Then I found the toaster.  A toaster works perfectly.  Set the toaster to the hottest setting and push the slid down to turn it on.  Then you lay the dog horizontally on top of the toaster.  The dog will start to make the mouth watering sizzle sound.  Use the stick of the corn dog to turn the dog so that all sides will be crisp.  The stick will not be hot because it is sticking out of the hot spot.  

Step 4: Final Step

You can leave the dog on the toaster long enough so it gets the cool looking grill marks on it.  Well all you need to do now is make your fry sauce, or you can just use ketchup or mustered and chow down.   Total cooking time is about 5 to 7 minutes.