Introduction: The Bottle Moustache

in this instructable i'm going to tell you how to make a moustache that fits in front of a bottle. i saw this idea on the web one time, and it thougt i could make that, so i did.

English isnt my native language, so please dont look to much at the spelling ( comment if i've got to correct anytihng).

i hope you enjoy it to read my instructable, and if you also make one, please post a comment with a picture! :P

i forgot to mention that this idea wasnt origionally mine, i strumbled across this a few weaks ago on the web. ( link ) but this instructable is more about how to make one yourself, and not that it's my "genious idea"

i'l idit the instructable when i get my new material, because the material used in the instructable wasnt good for the job ( the 3mm plexiglass)


Step 1: Matierials, and Tools

here is the list of materials and tools needed for this instructable


- round hole thing ( to draw rounds )
-Marker ( any color )
-dremel tool


-bottle ( for measures )
-piece of plastic, plexiglass. about 80x50 mm or 3x2 inches ( i used 3 mm, and it turned out perfect for the job)

Step 2: First Measure Your Bottle

i measured my botlle and discovered that my bottle neck was 25 mm thick

Step 3: Draw Your Moustache

design your own moustache on a piece of paper.
make it according to your own likings.

1- trace over the piece of plexiglass, so you knew how big your moustache can get.

2- draw a circle 25 mm wide, this is going to be the inside of the moustache. this is the part wich grips around the bottle neck. draw this in the center of the traced rectangle.

3- draw a bunch of help lines to make the moustache even thick everywhere.

4- draw the moustache freehanded,( i wanted a sort of french moustache. And i think it looks like a french moustache.)

5- put your piece of plexiglass on top of your drawing, and just trace all the lines with a black marker.

Step 4: Cut Out Your Moustache Shape

this is how i did cut out the moustache, it was the wrong tool for the wrong job, but it worked in the end. ( i should have done it whith a figure saw, but i had no saw blades. and no saw blades for our electrical figure saw.)

clamp the piece of plexiglass to your work bench, so it wont go anywhere

drill holes around the whole shape, and then with a small diamond drill ( or whaterver you call those things) grind away the reminding plexiglass, between the holes.

when you have your shape roughly cut out, you grind the shape with a grinding round.

but this was a bad way of doing this, you cold better cut it out with a figure saw!

Step 5: Refine Shape

now refine the shape with a file, or other small tools for the dremel.
you could also sand the moustache with sand paper ( wich i didnt, and you can see that)

Step 6: Add Color

now add color to your moustache, i went for a black color, i did it with a simple black marker.

Step 7: Make a Photo, and Add a Comment.

now make your own, and make a photo of you with the moustache.
and then post a comment! i would like to see other creations!

Step 8: Conclusion

the plexiglass, was too thick for the job, i first thougt it was perfect. but it couldnt bend. i'l make another one soon, and i'l post a photo, and the type of material.

this is what happened:
i popped it on top of the bottle, and clack, one of the legs broke off.

30 minutes later, i dropped it and one of the ends of the moustache broke off.

so plexiglass isnt the best material for the job. i'l make another one soon, but from a different material