The Bottlecap Tripod

Introduction: The Bottlecap Tripod

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Here’s a real simple incredibly portable tripod you can make for under $2 – a plastic cap from a soda bottle.

Materials –

Cap from an empty soda bottle. In the United States the same caps are used for everything from single serving 4 ounce up through 2 liter bottles. The caps used for bottle water are the same diameter and thread but may not fit as precisely.

A 1/4"-20 bolt, about 1.5 inches long.
A 1/4"-20 nut.
A 1/4"-20 free spinning washer nut.

The hardware is available from any hardware store, it cost me $3 for enough parts to build two sets.

Step 1: Make a Hole in the Bottlecap

Use an awl or something similar to make a hole in the middle of the bottle cap. Use a knife or drill to increase the diameter of the hole to 1/4 inch. Clean any burrs out the hole.

Step 2: Push the Bolt Through the Hole

Insert the bolt into the hole you just made with the bolt sticking out of the top of the bottle cap. Screw the normal nut on top. You can glue the bolt in place for a permanent connection if you wish.

Step 3: Add the Free Spinning Washer-nut

Screw the free spinning washer on the bolt with the flat side facing up.

Step 4: You're Done!

The advantage to this “tripod” is it’s so small you can carry it everywhere. It’ll easily fit into a camera bag or whatever you use to carry your camera. All you need to use it is a soda or water bottle.

Use common sense when using this tripod – only use it with extremely compact lightweight cameras. It helps to have a half filled container to minimize the chances to tipping. Only use this tripod as a stabilizer for your camera, not as a place to hold the camera for any period of time.

After you’ve taken your photo remember to save the tripod, finish the drink, and don’t forget to recycle the drink bottle.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    I could also see this being a "quick and dirty" stabilizer for the smaller video cams out there just by adding some water in the bottle.