Introduction: The Cheapest and Most Effective Way to Clean Car Scratches

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How to clean car scratches without spending on expensive car waxes and fix it pro or whatever commercial car wax cleaner in the market. It cost only around $2 to $5 bucks depending on the price of the product in your country.

However please note that this method does not fix the car scratches but it clean the scratches away. And at the same time you will realize that most car scratches actually not so bad - it's just that because of the dirt penetrate within the scratches making them becoming so obvious to the eyes.

I have try this on white metallic painted car and it works perfectly - but if you do have any other color of cars you can try it who knows it might work as well.

You can see more pictures here "The most effective and cheapest way to clean car scratches"

Step 1: Take a Toothpaste - Any Toothpaste

The idea of using toothpaste is because it made of the same chemical that people use to make baking soda and it is very effective to clean metal rust. Why toothpaste? because it is in the form of gel just like car wax which is easy to apply to the car paint - if the material is too liquid it will slip away and not so effective.

Squeeze the toothpaste and apply to the scratches area - however you want it doesn't matter.

Step 2: Use a Soft Cloth or Microfiber Cloth

Use a soft cloth or microfiber cloth and wet into the water - then squeeze the water to avoid excessive water that wash away the toothpaste. But instead just make it damp and then scrub the scratches away.

1. Tiny and shallow scratches are pretty easy to clean

2. Bigger scratches - apply more hand pressure when scrubbing and take sometimes to clean

3. Bad rusted scratch - will take more pressure and require more time.

I guess it's done - you may never know how useful your toothpaste is until you try and it save you money big time rather than buying all those expensive car wax like Meguiar's, Soft99, Fix it pro, etc