Introduction: The Cheating Ping-pong Ball

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This Ping Pong Ball Is a very stupid hack to have a game in your favor ,
And yes i do know this is stupid but , ...

will help you win !!! ( well sort of )

anyway i will post it here

the list of materials is short and this project is relatively easy to do

Read ans/or Enjoy

Also Here Is a small demostration

Step 1: Materials & Tools

1-A Ping-pong ball ( Any Brand )
2-A small Screw ( Flat head if you can)
3-A small drop of white/wood glue (NEVER use CA or else the ball will melt and stink)

An X-acto Or similar hobby knife
A small screwdriver (depending in the head of your screw)
A pair of hands And brain ( or use Your mental powers if you want)
Nothing Else

Step 2: Assembly

Make A small hole in a hemisphere of the ball , then place the screw

REMEMBER : it must fit very snuggly or the screw will fall

Step 3: Finishing

Screw down the screw

And apply a drop ( or Two) of glue around the screw
Wait for it to dry

Step 4: Start Wining 1!!!

Oh boy , it's done

NEVER do use this in a Tournament or serious game
THIS sholud be used as a prank or to annoy someone

I am NOT liable of anything you do .


I am NOT liable of anything you do .

Have Fun , And Thanks For Reading

See ya..