Introduction: The Cycling Tire

For many years I created all kinds of stuff from bicycle tires. When instructable member shizy25 studied my website she immediately replied: "please write an instructable on that, especially the biker. So here it is. 
Check out all the pictures in this instructable if you are interested, and if you haven't seen enough see
All original pieces were put together on a sewing machine. But for these models a stapler will do.
If you want to try the sewing machine you will need upper and under transport, more tension on the thread and no leather needle ( cuts slits) but an all purpose ( no.100) one.

Step 1: What's Needed?

Very simple:
Old bicycle tyres, preferably different kinds and sizes.
some iron wire (2-2,5 mm approx.) 
A pair of scissors
a pencil
Some pliers for the iron wire
A stapler ( best is a pliers one, not this table model)
On the second photo the basic plan for a human out of bicycle tire.
for the bicycle : soldering gear

Step 2: The Body

Bicycle tire comes in two different kinds: flat ones and rounded ones. See the picture. For the body a rounded one is better because it is more flexible and makes the body less flat.
You will need a piece of 23 cm. Cut it lengthwise open on the inside of the bow. hold it open and check the width. It should be 7 cm approx. Fold it double. To hold it in place cut a small ring out of a 3-4 cm wide flat tire and pull it over the loose end to form a belt.

Step 3: Arms

Cut a piece of 19 cm from a flat-model tire ( see step 2). Cut it lenghtwise in two halves. Draw a handshape on each one ( pencil, or if you have a silver gel pen). Cut hand and wrist. Notice that each hand has two thumbs (why hasn't evolution created that?). Cut of one thumb of each hand. Be sure to make a right and left hand. Make a little cut in the elbow, give it a bend and secure it with a staple.
The position depends on the model you want to make.
To attach the arms in the body cut off little triangles at the top of the upper arm. Again the shape is defined by position of the arm in end result.

Step 4: The Legs

A leg is longer than an arm in reality, but for our purpose 16 cm will do. Cut of a piece of flat tire and cut it lengthwise in two halves.  Draw the leg shape ( see picture) or if it is a model with traditional trousers leave it as it is. Make a small cut at the knee and bend it. secure it with the stapler. Your model may need a strong bend knee, a little bend or straight. And most of the time shape of left and right will be different. Cut out two feet, 4,5 cm long. Make a little cut in the fold at the lower side of the leg and insert a double folded foot.
Notice that the foot is cut out of flat tire and will spread at the toes.
Attach the upper part of the leg between the layers of the body. If you place the front part of the body in the middle and cover it on both side with the backside the leg will be in a perfect position. Secure it with a staple. 

Step 5: The Head

Cut of a piece of flat tire of 12 cm. Make the neck part smaller by cutting of a piece of 5 cm, half the width of the tire. With a zig-zag motion push the neck inside the head. Secure with a staple at the back of the neck. Push the top rim of the head inward. If you want you can ad some head gear. A piece of rubber with a 2 cm hole can become a cap or hat.

Step 6: Don't Lose Your Head

Fold both side of the neck to the middle. Make a little slit in the body where the neck should go. Tug it in and secure with staples.
Put the staples on the shoulders and not in the middle of the neck. For the next step it should be possible to insert a piece of iron wire through the neck

Step 7: The Backbone

To give the figure some sturdiness add two pieces of iron wire One double length of the total figure, the other measuring from hand to hand. Fold the longer piece double and push the open end in the head, trough the neck, the body and spitting the two wires to insert each one in one leg. the second piece of wire goes in at one hand and out at the other. Bend the wire in the desired form.

Step 8: The Bike

I hope you have some experience soldering, because this is the best way to build the bike. As you see in the pictures the bike consists of five parts. A few remarks:
-The pin downward at the back wheel is for securing it in a piece of wood or stone.
-There is no saddle, the longer piece of wire is inserted in the body.
-Part of the steering wheel is double for better soldering.
-The long handles are inserted in the arms.
-The peddles also have longer pieces of wire to insert in the legs.
Construct the whole bike. Set it in a piece of wood or stone. May be you want to attach the front wheel as well to the base.
Then place you puppet over the pins with body, legs and arms.

In stead of soldering you could use tape or wind some thinner wire around the joints. May be your glue gun works..

Step 9: Hurray!

You jumped the hurdle. Made an almost impossible leap-frog. Time for you to find new variations. If you need inspiration:  . Under "mens en dier" ( man and animal) you can find new ideas. But every item on the menu from binnenbandkraai ( also an instructable! "innertube crow") to mens en dier is made of bicycle tires.

Now witch of your friends is an enthusiastic bicycler and has a other hobby ? Make him or her  a tennis-player,  stilt-walker, skateboarder, opera singer e.g. from rubber tires.

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