Introduction: The Duck Tape Radio.

Well, here is my entry into the duck tape contest! Its a duck tape radio!
All you need is an old am/fm radio, some duck tape, an exacto knife, some scissors, a few screw drivers, and some ingenuity!

Step 1: Gathering Your Supplies!

Ok, lets get going!

items you need.

1. Roll of duck tape.

2. Some card board

3. One pair of scissors.

4. One Exacto knife.

5. assorted small screw drivers.

6. One old Am/Fm radio, preferably battery powered.
    (I don't recomend using a wall powered radio, as ducktape would be the only thing between any one using the radio and a live AC transformer, Dont want anyone getting shocked. )

Step 2: Getting Started.

Ok, now that we have all the supplies we need, Its time to start takeing apart the radio.

Here is a picture of the radio i used, it cost me 75 cents from good will, and it works great.

  Ok, time for the fun part, go ahead and take the radio apart, be careful here, as most small battery radios have the battery housing in the plastic case, so be careful not to break off the wires that connect the radio circuts to the battery case.

Step 3: Removing the Battery Compartment From the Outside Plastic Housing

Ok, here is a picture of the radio with the cover open, you can see the battery compartment is made into the plastic housing of the outer case.

 I used a dremel tool to remove the battery compartment, from the outside case.

Step 4: Cutting Out Some Cardboard.

I used the box the radio came in for my cardboard, I added card board to my build, to give the components of the radio some protection, and also to give the touch sensitve controls a solid surface to press against.

You will need one piece of card board slightly larger than the circut board itself, an 1/8 to a 1/4 bigger should do fine.

Step 5: Starting to Put It All Back Together.

Ok, here is were the duck tape comes in, being very careful where you attach the duck tape to the circut board, go ahead and tape the board to your card board.

 The first piece of duck tape you see here is holding a shim in place.  You cant see the piece actually holding the board in place, the reason is, it's a small piece rolled into a circle, and sandwiched between the circut board and the card board.

After you have taped the circut board onto the card board, you will need to mark out and cut some holes in the card board, so you have access to the controls, You also need a hole for any LED's that might be on the radio.

   This is were the exacto knife comes in, being careful not to cut yourself, or the table under your project, go ahead and cut out your holes. (remember to add any extra holes your radio needs, LED's or anything else that might be on the radio)

Step 6: Almost There ......

You will have to do some work here, specific to your paticular radio, for instance, on mine I had to cut and tape a few shims, to keep the volume control working, I had to tape a shim behind it. Also in this step as you can see, I taped the touch controls of my radio to the cardboard face. 

Step 7: Taping the Battery Compartment to the Radio.

Ok, so now we need to get the battery compartment attached to the radio. For this I just took a piece of duck tape long enough to go from the front of one side of the card board around the back, Right across the battery case, and over the other side, and onto the face of the card board. I removed the cover from the battery case befor taping it, then cut out the extra tape with the exacto knife. I also taped one piece over the whole thing, after I put the lid back on, then i also cut that out with the exacto knife.

Step 8: We Made It!

In this last step, you will be doing the rest of the duck taping, this will be totally custom, go nuts!

Here is a few pictures of how I finished tapeing mine together. Be sure to cut the tape out from in front of the controls, just be careful not to cut anything important. And your all done, Good luck =)

P.S. this is my first instructable, so feel free to give me any hints =)

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