Introduction: The Easy to Make a Portal Gun

i have always wanted to make the really cool and detailed projects, unknowing that they require advanced techniques,advanced tools, or lots of money.

in this instructable i will be showing you a step by step tutorial on how to make a portal gun.  

Step 1: Materials

the materials you will need are:

- blue wall mart camping pad.
- black spray paint.
- white brush paint.[not shown]
- a toy light saber  (the better quality saber the cooler the gun).
- a hot glue gun and hot glue  (i advise 2 bags of hot glue because you never want to run out of hot glue).
- a cutting utensil  (i used a broken scissor).[not shown]
- a sodding iron
- a picture of the portal gun.[not shown]
- and any other kind of junk u think you can use.  

Step 2: Making the Insides

pic (1)  using your picture of the portal gun cut two rectangles from the blue wall mart camping pad. one should go halfway from your finger tips to your elbow and it should be able to wrap around your fist comfortably, and the other proportioned to your first rectangle and to your portal picture (this ts the rectangle after the back shell and before the first shell, it holds the light saber tube).

pic (2)  glue the first rectangle into a long cylinder rather than a fat one.

pic (3)  glue the second rectangle to the first one.

Step 3: Light Saber Installation

pic (1)  unscrew your light saber to find out where the LED's are (its a good idea to mark rite below the LED system; remember  mark this on the out side of the saber's handle 

pic (2)  saw your saber's handle at the line you have marked "oh darn" you have probably severed some wires in the processes, but that's why you have a sodding iron 

foot note 

if your light saber dose not light up or make noise do not worry about steps 1,2,or3just take out the saber part and continue with the project.

pic (3)  fit light saber into blue mat piece 2 (its ok if your light saber goes into foam piece 1 ,but only a little) make sure you can still push the sabers button you also must be able to get to the battery compartment in case you run out of juice.


Step 4: The Functional Side

for this step i used some junk i found

pic (1)  i used a pill container and i cut off the bottom (make sure the container is big enough for pic 2)

pic(2)  fit the pill container over the light saber and blue mat piece 2


Step 5: Shells and Claws

shells come first 

pic (1)  small front shell 

pic (2)  large back shell

pic (3)  small shell attached to the main body

pic (4)  large shell attached to the main body

i do not have a picture of the claws so get creative but attach them according the picture you have


Step 6: Paint It

theres not much to this step besides looking at your picture and painting it accordingly. here are some of my pictures

Step 7: You Are Done

you have now completed The easy to make a portal gun

it glows blue and it makes noise

thank you challenge

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