The Easy Version of V for Vendetta Make-up




Introduction: The Easy Version of V for Vendetta Make-up

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While searching for superhero face paint ideas, I thought it would be interesting to paint the V for Vendetta mask. 
You might look like a total creep by the end of this, but who cares, you look GREAT!

Step 1: Materials

Any halloween, face paint, everyday-use make up will do. You just need the right colors.
*Pink blush and lipstick
*White powder/ cream
*black face paint crayon/ eyeliner/ mascara
*Sepia crayon/ eyeliner

Step 2: Base

Once you have all of your materials, grab the white cream face paint. 
Use a wedge, or whatever you feel like using, to smear the paint over the areas that will be showing.
Then use the white powder to set in the white.

Step 3: Black and Pink

Take your black crayon/ eyeliner and make some thick Charlie Chaplin eyebrows.
Use the pink blush and apply as much as you need for the right color tone.
The mustache is kind of weird. The lines should end where your cheeks start to bulge out. 
Luckily, for me, I have huge cheeks ("I hope you mean your face! - I do!")
Start on the goatee by drawing a triangle parallel with the space in between the mustache lines.
Coat the lips with the pink lipstick. 
(It helps to do the "I'm happily pooping" face.)

Step 4: Goatee, Mask-like Effects

(Hopefully, your face looks better than mine and you didn't do this is ten minutes.)
Use the sepia eyeliner to outline your facial creases. I just looked at the cover of the book to resemble a bit more.
Then use black eyeliner to ... line your eyes... 
I added some smeared black to the sides of my nose, mostly because it's quite large, in order to slim it down.

Step 5: Fin.

And now add the attire, learn some of his lines from the book or the movie and creep everyone out. :)

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Well, this is a little creepy, especially if you are a lady...even creepier if you are a 90 yr old lady. Make sure to enter the Halloween contests when they start up later in the year, the only ones that allow pre-published ibles from throughout the year.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I take "creepy" as a compliment. :) Will do 'caitlinsdad'. :D


    10 years ago on Step 4

    *"in" instead of "is" :(