Introduction: Swing

The handy swing is a swing you can take with you wherever you go in the nature. He is made so you can put him in a bag because he is only 20 at 50 centimetre. In the next steps you will see how to make the handy swing an you can also see the instructions for use. Have fun and enjoy the handy swing !!

Step 1: Materials

First of all, there are a couple of materials necessary to make the handy swing.

-First you need a spruce wood plate from 1.7 centimeter thick make sure your plate is about 60 centimeters long and 20 centimeters wide. You also need two spruce wood slats. One of 1.50 meters long 4.5 centimeters wide and 1.2 centimeters thick. And another lat of 30 centimeters long and 3.5 centimeters wide.

- The third material you need is a rope from at least a half centimeter thick and 30 meters long.

- The fourth material you need is hook and loop tape.

- You also need two iron pleated hooks.

- At least you need two seat belt shoulder protectors. Now we can begin creating the handy swing !

Step 2: Sign Off the Wood

You take you plate and you will draw a cross from 20 to 50 centimeters. Make sure the cross is standing nicely in the middle.

Next you take the lat from 1.2 centimeter thik and you draw two pieces of 50 and two pieces of 20 centimeters off on the wood. On the other lat you draw two pieces of 4.5 centimeters and four pieces of 3 centimeters long.

Step 3: Saw the Wood

Now you saw the wood in the pieces you just sign off. Attention! Saw the ends of the slats who are 1.2 centimeter thick under an angle of 45 degrees.

Step 4: Drill the Holes in the Plates

Take the spruce wood plate and drill two holes from 1 centimeter, 3 centimeter from the sides. And two holes from a half centimeter also 3 centimeter from the sides through the plate. You also drill the hole from 1 centimeter through the middle of two of the four cubes of 3 centimeters high.

Step 5: Glueing and Fixing the Wood

The next step is fixing the wood to each other. You glueing (woodglue) two pieces from 3 centimeters high and two pieces from 4.5 centimeter high, 1.2 centimeter from the side. You also have to fix them with a high pressure stapler.

Next you glueing the other two pieces from 3 centimeter high, 13 and 4 centimeter from the sides. You also fix them further with a high pressure stapler.

Now you take the slats from 1.2 centimeter thick and you fix them with woodglue and the high pressure stapler to the cubes.

Step 6: Making the Winding System

Now the plate of the swing where you have to sit on is ready you have to make the system for turning the rope on. This system will be incorporated under the swing.

First you cut out the rest of the spruce wood plate two pieces of 12 centimeters long and 3.5 centimeter thick.

Now you drill 2 holes from 1 centimeter through each piece. Do this 2 centimeter from the sides.

After you have done this fixing each peace on a cube with woodglue and the high pressure stapler just like on the picture.

Step 7: The Last Staps

So, now we are at the final staps ! But before we can using the swing we still have some things to do.

First we have to screwing the iron pleated hooks into the plates. You have to do this in the two hols from a half centimetre.

After this you have to cut the rope of 30 meters in the middle. Now you fixed each rope to an iron pleated hook, you do this with the artillery loop as shown on the picture.

After this you put the other ends of the ropes threw the plates in the hole of 1 centimetre. Now turn the rope around the cubes and fixed it with a carpenter stich at the begin where the rope entering through the plate. Lay also a loop at the end of the ropes after you turn them whole around the cubes.

So we are almost all set, there is just one thing to do. Take the hook and loop tape and attach four pieces about the length of the plate. now take the adhesive side of the the hook and loop tape and attach four pieces on the previously confirmed pieces. Now you can put the surplus of the rope nicely in here.

Now you also can finish the swing with a painted texture found by yourself !

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