The Lucky Pouch




Introduction: The Lucky Pouch

To make this little pouch you needs:
-meter ribbon
-ribbon of 60cm
-the fabric of your choice in 23x55cm
or a sewing machine which you'll adjust in tension of the thread to 4 with a tight  point  and a needle adapted to the fabric( here fine, thus one 70/10 )

Step 1:

Take the fabric of your choice and cut so as to obtain a rectangle of 23cm by 55cm, then fold lengthwise to double fabric.

Step 2:

Make a seam at least 2cm from the edge (it depends on the width of your your ribbon) towards the fold fabric. It to create a channel for the ribbon.

Step 3:

For the second channel for the ribbon, fold up the opposite side to create a wide seam of 2cm as on the other side.

Step 4:

Then, fold fabric in two so as to have the seams outside, and the channels lined up one on top of the other.

Step 5:

Sew both sides to close the little pouch.
CAREFUL, don't sew over your channels otherwise you can't thread your ribbon!

Step 6:

To finish, turn completely the little pouch so that the seams are not visible.

Step 7:

Thread the ribbon through the channels (you can help with a safety pin if you want) and make an attractive knot.

And now it's done! 
A nice little pouch =)

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