Introduction: The Mighty Match Rocket

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This is my first instructable so I hope you like it.
Here I'll show you how to make some cool little "match rockets" for you to have fun if, like me, you're tired of doing nothing around at home, this is great because it's easy, quick and fun to do.
Well, let's get started!


This project can also be found on YouTube, it is the tut plus test fire! :P

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Some things you'll need are:
Some tin foil
And the center part of a pen

Step 2: Start the Production

Now you'll have to cut a piece of the tin foil (like the image).
Then you have to place the little tube of the pen and 2 match "heads" in the piece of tin foil, and start rolling it up.

Step 3: Finish the Rocket

Now, for the last part, press the upper part of it to close it, and then fold it back.
Then take a needle, put a part of it inside the rocket, and press it, until you make a small hole in the bottom part of it, so you're done!
You can make a small platform with a paper clip.

Step 4: Fire It!

Now you have to take a lighter, turn it on and place the flame below the rocket, and wait... BOOM! it works! :)
Hope you enjoy this instructable!

Remember I held no responsability of any injuries that may occur while attemting this.