Introduction: The Mini Electrostatic Generator

here ist an instructable on how to make a small electrostatic generator.

Step 1: Wath You Will Need

you will need:
A 9v battery
1x NE555 (Timer IC)
1x 10k pot(you can yous any 10K pot)
1x 15k
1x 47nf(MKS is a good one)
1x 1nf(MKS)
1x BD241 or BD242(or any similar N transistor)
1x audio transformer 1:10 - 1:100 or small hv transformer
14x 1nf-47nf 1-2kv
14x 1N4007
Here you see the diodes, capacitors, 9V battery and the HV transformer.

Step 2: Solder

Solder everything together and then solder a cable to GND, and a cable to the negative hv.
Construct all nice and handy in a plastic box.

Step 3: How to Yous It

Ok now the fun can begin. The first thing you can do is to load objects not too big and not too small electrostatic.

GND should touch your body, now touch the object with the HV cable. The object is now negative loaded. when you now touch the object, you will get shocked.

The other things you can do, is to load yourself negative up. If you now touch someone, the person will get shocked.
Put the GND cable under your shoe, glue a piece of foil under your shoe so you have better connection to the ground. The HV cable should touch your body.
Now you are ready to shock your frends with your finger.

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