The Mirliton

Introduction: The Mirliton

Welcome everybody, do you want to know how make a mirliton ?

First you have to find a little piece of elder tree branch an approximate diameter of 1,5 cm - 2 cm and 10 -15 cm long.

Step 1: How to Prepare the Branch ?


- the piece of elder tree
- a screwdriver
- a lime
- a leaf of cigarette
- an elastic

Step 2:

Analyze the piece of wood. You can see in the wood core a white rigid foam. You have to extract it.

Many ways can be used but the better way it is to use a screwdriver. It permit to dig effectively.

Step 3:

Once the branch is emptied must be a hole in the wooden two-thirds to be able to breathe.
We can do this with a lime.

Step 4:

On this level we still use a sheet of cigarette attached with elastic on the end of the part farthest from the hole.

Step 5:

Here is your kazoo is ready to work to create a sound you have to breathe using your voice.
Enjoy !

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    being from southern louisiana This is the only item of reference that i have for anything named "mirliton" grandma used to be the mirliton master


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    There are a lot of things called mirliton