Introduction: The Most Amazing Toy for Free!

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I like experimenting with all kinds of little stuff and junk. But then i thought of a way to have fun with balloons and use only maximum of 2 things and bam there i was with this amazing little toy you can have fun and amaze your kids with.

Step 1: Things You Would Need


This is the best toy with the least time needed to make and from only 2 things.
1. An Old sampoo or conditioner bottle. (sunsilk or pantene) I got mine from my moms closet.
2. A balloon or 2.
3. 5 second of time.

Thats all you need to build this amazing toy.

Step 2: Method

Now the fun part comes it really easy to make just get the mouth of the balloon to fit on to the neck of the bottle and now you just made the amazing toy.

So how do you play with it you must say right ? .......

next step...

Step 3: Fun Fun and More Fun.

Now you have got the balloon and the bottle together right?

Just squeeze the bottle and the balloon should inflate to the maximum it can....
leave it quickly and then squeeze on the sides. This will make the balloon suck all the way inside the bottle and then when you squeeze on the front it will blow up would continue to do like that. I actually made two to have more fun. Also if possible have a rubber band on the neck to prevent air from leaking.

Now you have your amazing toy. Go make it and experience the great fun.