Introduction: The Nerf Double Nightfinder

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how to turn 2 nightfinders into a one handed death machine, this instructable is very simple and can aslo be tidied up a bit, with some creative imagination and a few extra tools this gun could look a whole lot better, i'm just putting the idea out there because i haven't seen it suggested anywhere yet, credit to those who deserve it if this isn't original.

Step 1: Tools and Parts Needed

x2 nightfinders
x1 Popcicle stick
x1 paperclip
x2 zipties
x1 rubberband
x1 rod (or something similar, used for molding handles
x1 1/2" piece of tube

Step 2: Moulding the Handles

ok when you hold your two NF's together (mirrored) you'll find it is quite hard to hold because your thumb can't get between one handle and it's too uncomfortable to hold both.

So what we're gonna do is make a space.

Take out the screw at the top of the handle, after this step you probably won't be able to use this hole again. (see additional pics).
Light the candle and heat up one of the sides of the handles where your thumb would normally go, when it gets hot enough to mould, take the rod and press it into the plastic, if the plastic is hot enough it should warp around the rod making a nice groove.

This process may have to be repeated to get a big enough groove.
when the desired groove is made, do the opposite side as well.

whe finished, your guns should look somewhat similar to this.

Step 3: Velcro, Zipties and Spacer

cut velcro to size and stick on to both sides of the guns where they touch, i used 4 bits and also filed the spots where i stuck my velcro so it would stick better, if you do file don't forget to clean the area after.

ziptie the guns together, i only used one (through the trigger covers) but you could also do the plastic just below the barrels (see pic -untightened-).

take your 'spacer tube' and push it between the bottom of both handles, if you like you can also put a ziptie here too.

Step 4: The Extra Trigger and Rubberband

now it's too hard trying to reach around and pull the extra trigger because it's to far away, so here's my solution.

Tape the popcicle stick to one of the paperclip handles, (it's better if you tape it to the side of the handle that would usually touch the side of the clip).
Attach the paperclip over the trigger so that the popcicle stick crosses over the top of the opposite trigger (easiest done with plyers and the scissors to pry open the clip , Cut popcicle stick to desired length.

now, to stop the popcicle stick from getting in the way of your itchy trigger finger, take off the battery cover off one of your guns (doesn't matter which one, i dont think) and hook the rubberband around the little catch that sticks out, screw the cover back on, wrap the rubber band around the same handle clockwise once and then slip over the popcicle stick, that should provide enough resistance to hold the stick back.

Step 5: End!

And you're done, prepare to do serious damage while your friends reload, gun can be held in both hands and works best as a shotgun when used with Lledroc's (pictured ammo), stick 2 or 3 in each barrel. can be fired individually or at the same time.