The Picture Frame Radio. (A Weekend Project)

Introduction: The Picture Frame Radio. (A Weekend Project)

A couple of month ago I bought a DIY radio kit for an AM - Radio.
Based on that kit I build a picture frame radio.

Step 1: The Parts

  • Am AM - Radio Kit
  • A canvas
  • Some old clock faces
  • Some clock pointers
  • Some pieces of wood
  • Some paper napkins
  • Some "Art Potch" for napkin technique

Step 2: The Canvas

Prepare the canvas with the paper napkins you like and let it dry.
I used the same napkin to colour the inner front panel of the meter.
While the canvas is drying build the radio and test it.

Step 3: Build the Radio

First I glued some clock pointers onto the knobs for tuning and the volume.
Than I cut a paper cone so it fits to the speaker of the kit.
I glued the speaker at the cone and stained it with wax stain.
I cut two aluminium shimmings to fasten the poti and the capacitor.
I glued them with hard glue from the back.
A piece of wood gives the canvas enough stability to carry the speaker. It was had glued as well.

Step 4: The Front

For the meter I cut a ring of beach wood and stained it with wax stain as well.
I glued the clock faces on the canvas and attached the knobs with the pointers.

Now its ready for the mounting on the wall. After dawn I will be able to receive a lot of AM - Stations from around the world.
The paper cone makes the speaker much louder and it is a fun to listen to all the stations.

With kind regards,

Horatus Steam

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    I love your idea for the indicator knobs! I have been wondering how make indicator type switches look more steampunk...
    (I have this nice little double throw 12 position switch, I've been wanting to use)
    So anyways thanks for the idea and a cool project too!