Introduction: The Puppy Workout

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In the children's novel "Holes" there is a story within the story where the hero is charged to carry a pig up hill to a specific stream, then back down. Everyday the pig would get bigger but everyday the hero would be stronger from the day before.

The puppy workout is a no equipment work out design on the same principle. Basically you get a puppy and as you do the exercises the you will improve slowly as the puppy grows.

This is a great way to improve some basic strength and increase your health.

This is designed to get you into good habits and build basic strength to help you get into a more serious routine.

For a more in depth explanation of how to do the specific exercises you can find many videos and explanations.

Step 1: The Squat

The squat is a basic move. Keep your back straight. Make sure your knees are inline with your feet and do not let them go forward past your toes.

My puppy isn't a puppy anymore so the cat had to stand in.

Step 2: The Press

Basically you are pushing the puppy off your chest into the air.

Step 3: Push Ups

Push ups you should be doing. Start with 5 perfect push ups and add one a week to your sets.

Step 4: Overhead Press

Lift your puppy over your head. Careful of your back. Make sure you have good mobility and range of motion in your shoulders.

If not skip this exercise.

Step 5: Sit Ups

Hard enough to do without a dog laying on you.

Step 6: Carry

Carrying your pup in your back. If you can up and down stairs two steps at a time.

Step 7: Increase Weight

As your puppy grows so will you.

Step 8: Rest

Cuddle with your pup after a workout well done.

Another cat standing in.

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