Introduction: The Remote Car That Can Go Enywhere

About: I m a 11 years boy and i like to make things and make houses of cards
This is a car that can go anywhere you want to it water,land and many more places!!
to make this car the things that you will need are:-
1.a old car that has it motor of rear wheels and front turning motor need 2 of 9volt batteries
3.2 or 1 meter wire,that could be any wire bell wire,etc.
4.1 switch or 2 for the front wheels.
5.tou can use sholdering iron but if you dont you can use electric tape

Step 1: Step 1

In this picture you can see the rear part that is the rear motor that runs.
If you see in the old car that you are using for the car you will have a motor,
with that your car runs.

Step 2: Step 3

In this you can see the front that turns your car right and left.
It is too hard to joint and old car so don't try to break.
and don't forget to take all the crust out from the car so that it does not look bad.
And don't forget to make the front turning wires cause you have to hold it in your hand.
You can use the steering in manual or automatic.
in automatic you need a battry.To take the turn in your car manualy u just turn the battrries positive and nagative to take turns.
For manul just turn your hand right and left.

Step 3: Step 3

Now you end up to this a flat model without any body in this you have to take the wires out from the body of the car. EXAMPLE:- from the place of the clutch from the bettwen or make hole out of the body from somewhere.

Step 4: Step 4

In this picture you are able to see the battery and the switch.
For the connection or crust the two wires are coming out from the bottom where the motors are first take one wire and attach it to the switch and cut a wire and attach it to the other end of the switch and attach it to the battry and you will be left will one wire and attach it to the battery.

Step 5: Step 6

there we go just attach the body and fix the screw and just paint or sketch on it.

Step 6: The Last Step

here is your own newly build car for the extrem drivers just test it in the water if it does not work then just send an email at dont type this in capital letters.i m 11 years boy!!!!