Introduction: The Rolling Paper Phone Holder!

I'm following the instuctables community for a while truly like it, its an awsome community.
Recently noted there's a few instuctables which are quiet way too simple (only my opinion of course), so I wanted my first instructable to be the same simple but helpful in many cases.

So here's my first instructable: The rolling paper phone holder!

Step 1: Materials

Materials you'll need:

- One box of any "cuboid" boxed cigarette rolling papers any brand, there only one rule: the wilder box is better since it gives more stability

- Smart phone, I did this with a 4.5 inch samsung as I guess it would not work with bigger phones :-(

Step 2: Assembly :-)

Turn the cigarette paper's box to vertical, open it.

As you open it you'll notice there's a small part ot the carton which is folded back, that will hold our phone, simply put you phone there and we're done :-)

Thanks for reading my instructable, I hope you might find it useful once!