Introduction: The Safe and Easy LED BULB

There are many LED bulb  instructables  that are based on  
1. the  capacitive  droppers  : dangerous as there is no isolation  from  mains the  inrush  current  fries most LEDs
2. difficult to  get components also lengthy work to solder many components 

 Here we do it in a easy way 

 The  LED bulb is a simple LED sec with 2 or 3 Nos of 0.5watt LEDs  no no more soldering  garden of leds . 

 We eliminate the component  buying with a cheapo  5V phone  USB   charger . The arrangement is simple as follows 

 Cell USB  charger ---> CCS(Constant current source )---- > LEDs in parallel 

 The  CCS takes care of efficient  usage of the  LED at peak brightness.

Step 1: Get the Components

you need

 1 - 1k  resistor 
 1- bc548 or any NPN small transistor 
 1- 10E resistor  
 1 or 3 Nos of .5 watt  high bright LEDs 

 any 900mA 5v usb phone charger  
 here  in INDIA these  are 1$ or less 

some verroboard  solder etc 

Step 2: Make the Ccs

Make the  CCS on  the board
 I have used this

one with

R2=10ohm  for one  LED , Use 2 ohm for three LEDS 
R1=1k  and  rest all same 

Supply the  CCS with the  5V from  the  charger.I think there are many diagrams that tell how to get 5v from charger
for usb socket A pins to get the 5V . 

Place the  charger dismantled circuit + the  LED ccs board in  a slim plastic box
Use double sided TAPE to fix to wall  

use a 2 terminal blocks to connect mains wires to the obvious MAINS pins of the charger circuit

The CCS circuit has the ability to give max brightness with the  max possible light from the  LEDs . 

yey! you have made a handy LED BULB that concumes <2watt and  enough for corner positions of a mini room
No shock ... no hassle .... save lot of $$ on bills . 

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