The Slap Clock




Introduction: The Slap Clock

It is very hard to get up in the morning. The covers are warm and the loving arms of sleep beg you to come back to them. However, if you are being hit with a stick every time your alarm goes off, you're going to find it very hard to stay asleep. This alarm clock doesn't require a whole lot of supplies, and isn't that hard to make. If I won the 3d printer I would use it to make more components for other projects.

Step 1: Supplies

You are going to need:

an arduino

a servo motor

100UF capacitor

some cardboard

a cheap alarm clock (the simpler the better)

a breadboard

some wires

hot glue gun



Step 2: Taking Apart the Alarm Clock

Take off the cover. Find the speaker wires and cut both of them. Connect them to arduino wires using tape.

Step 3: The Arduino

Connect 5v and ground to the + and _ on the bread board respectively. Connect power to the power on the servo motor and ground to the ground on the servo motor. Put the capacitor with the long end between the servo motor and power and the short end between ground and the servo motor. Finally connect the third pin in the servo to 9 on the arduino. Connect the ground or black wire from the alarm clock to the second ground on the arduino and connect the power from the alarm clock speaker (the two wires you cut) to digital pin 2 on the arduino.

Step 4: The Programming

Type this in the arduino computer program and download to the arduino.

#include <Servo.h>

Servo myservo;

int sState = 0;

void setup() {


pinMode(2, INPUT);


void loop() {

sState = digitalRead(2);

if (sState == LOW){



else {







Step 5: Making the Box

Make a box and put all the components in it. Put the Servo in the side and glue on a dowel.

Now all you have to do is plug in the alarm clock and set it

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great idea!

    I can foresee a version of this that actually tilts the bed up and literally dumps you out, sort of "Wallace and Gromit"-style. There are mornings where I need that!