Introduction: The Smallest Powerful Knex Grenade!!!

A small powerful knex grenade that I built in five minutes.

Step 1: Parts

Look at the picture for the number of parts...

Step 2: Start Putting It Together

Place the 2 blue pieces together.

Step 3: The First Layer of the Grenade

Place the red and gray pieces like this

Step 4: Second Layer

now do this!

Step 5: The Last Layer!!! Yayayayayayayay! Yay! Yay Yay! Yay Yay Yay Yay!!!!!!!!! (too Many Yays, Error... Blowing Up... 3... 2... 1...)

Finally! just do what you did last time on the bottom!

Step 6: Final Notes and a Picture of the Devistation.

Ok! this may fall apart very easily, but this has amazing power!