The Solder Cube

Introduction: The Solder Cube

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Although small this candy tin sized work station will get the job done with its two alligator clips to hold your circuit boards or your wires while you soldering. I used an old sponge for the lid (because I lost mine) to allow you to clean your soldering irons tip after using it. Also the hollow inside of the tin allows for a battery casing to light up some LED's with some storage left over to hold perf boards or electronic components. Everything folds into the tin to make it more compact and portable. The main reason I made this was because I didn't have anything to hold my circut boards, they sell things just like this but I don't know what their called, ha I laugh at my self because that's how new I am at electronics. Please vote for me in the portable workshop contest

Step 1:

First gather the following: a candy tin, wires, rubber bands, an old sponge, a 2 AA battery holder, 2 leds, a switch, some alligator clip heads( can be purchased at any hardware store), a wire cutter, a hot glue gun, a soldering iron, and some solder.

Step 2:

Poke two holes in the back of the tin and three on the sides

Step 3:

Take the two wires attached to the battery pack and stick them through the holes then hot glue the caseing to the bottom of the tin

Step 4:

Now your going to want to take some wire and put a bend in it, after you do that you weave the wire through the holes and secure it with hot glue. Do the same thing to the other side.

Step 5:

Take your soldering iron and solder the alligator clips to the wire ends.

Step 6:

Next your going to attach two rubber bands to the bottom of your sponge after you cut it to a size that will fit the lid, to secure it I use a piece of recycled plastic on the bottom of the sponge to hold the rubber bands.

Step 7:

Glue the wires on the backend so they won't break off 

Step 8:

Next solder the two leds in series and solder the switch to them then solder the ends to the battery wires.

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