Introduction: The Spraycan and Paint Roller Extension

Are you to small to fill your big blockbusters or you want to make your pieces bigger? Do you want to catch those crazy spots without bringing a ladder outside or maybe you are afraid of heights? Now you can make your own extension for al kinds of spraycans and paint rollers all in one, just follow the instructions of this Instructable.

I got some inspiration of The High Writer, watch the link below:

Instructable and spraycan extension made by: Jiri van Dalen

For: The make class, Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam

Link to the blog:

Step 1: What You Need


- Long stick ( household cleaning device) that isn't to heavy and which is possible to extend.
- 2 brake handles and the parts
- Long brake cable, mine is about 4 meters (ask at your local bikeshop)
- Bike water bottle holder
- a spring
- 4 wing nuts ( m6 )
- 7 bolts ( m6 )
- 2 screws
- 4 tieraps
- rectangular piece of plywood
- piece of massive wood, with the right height for the spraycan.
- Pipe clamp
- Piece of a broomstick
- spraycan
- paint roller
- Nails
- Strip of aluminium


- Saw
- Drill
- Screwdriver
- Handtools

Step 2: Measure the Parts

Measure the parts at the right size, make sure everything fits on the plywood, watch out: don't make it to small.

Step 3: Begining to Built

Start cutting the wood in the right size and drill the holes in the wood. I drilled four holes for the Bike water bottle holder and used wing nuts so it's possible to put 2 different sizes of spraycans in place. Then drill a hole in the end of the stick and make a hinge out of the alluminium strip, connect it to the stick with a wing nut so you can take it of and put a paint roller on to it.
Now connect the brake handle on the piece of massive wood. Drill 2 holes in the brake handle for the cable and for connecting the spring. If you finished all the parts you can put it on the right places of the plywood, mark the right places first.

Step 4: Last Processing

Now you can give your Spraycan extension a nice color! Let it dry and connect the last parts.
Connect the brake Handle at the beginning of the stick and connect the cable, lead the cable with the tieraps and tighten the cable correctly.

Step 5: Try It Out!

Now you can use it, so find those crazy spots and try it out!

Step 6: Result!