Introduction: The Toolbox of Flight Travel Tips.

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The ultimate guide to flight travel.

Step 1: Luggage.

Bring necessary items such as clothes, hygiene items, etc.
Be careful not to pack an excessive amount of items. Use travel bags and backpacks. ATTENTION: Do not bring tubes (such as shampoo tubes) as for at check in they will discard those. Try to have carry-ons instead of big luggage because cargo luggage is paid by a certain weight. Luggage can be stored in the top cubbies on plane. Do not bring sharp or suspicious objects in carry-ons. Be sure to bring snacks, candy, and gum. Also some games, books, and electronics to keep you busy.

Step 2: Check In.

Get to the airport one or two hours earlier than your flight time. This will give lots of time. Bring empty water bottles and fill them up after check-in and scanning or they will discard them. While going through scanning take of your shoes and put them one of the tubs with your carry-ons. You may need to take out your electronics. Make sure to have nothing in your pockets. While going through the scan.

Step 3: In the Airport

While waiting for your flight find your flight section. If your going to check things out then bring your luggage or leave it with a family member at the section.

Step 4: Anticipating for Delays.

Always know that something will be delayed. You will most likely ever be exactly on time. Just be prepared.

Step 5: Final Notes.

Stay safe, have fun, and send me a souvenir! Just kidding! Please Vote in travel tips and tricks! Thanks!!

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